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  1. Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated.
  2. Good day, hope everyone's doing well. I have a question about how the Chairperson presents his agenda. He has two categories "Discussion Items and Action Items". He insists that those items under "Discussion" are only there for that purpose (to discuss) and become "Action Items" (for example to be voted on by the Board) "at the next meeting". And the "Action Items listed are previous "Discussion Items" to be voted on at a current meeting. Am I missing something? I don't recall seeing these items on any standard agenda. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you so much. Much appreciated....
  4. Good day all. A board member raised the question as to whether an agenda can be amended (adding a topic for discussion). I suggested that it could be either by submitting the proposed addition before the agenda is distributed (prior to a meeting), or after the meeting is called into session he could "move" to have the additional topic included on the agenda, bu there would have to be a vote. Another board member does not believe the agenda can be changed regardless. Help? Is there a particular chapter that addresses this issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you for the response. To answer the question asked by Mr. Katz, during the reading of the minutes by the Secretary I commented on the wording. It was the Chair of the Bylaws Committee who made the comment about how the minutes should be "accurate". Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  6. Good day. Hope everyone is doing well. I have a question of the transcribing of minutes. I tried to point out to our Chairperson that things like personal observations, judgmental comments, or wording, such as... "There were several displeased and heated opinions regarding the addition of the category and the language...", do not belong. He tried to argue that "the minutes have to be accurate and we can't take short cuts". I argued that the minutes should be concise and summarize the major points of what happened at the meeting. Not to include opinion and speculation. Help?
  7. I appreciate the response. Thank you.
  8. Much appreciated. Makes sense to me. Now I just have to convince some others. Have a good one.
  9. Good day all. Not sure if this is covered by Robert's Rules, but: At our general membership meetings, as of late, our Secretary prepares minutes from our previous meeting for the members present. He makes and passes out copies for the members; but he also includes the organizations financial information (bank balances, etc.). He sites the purpose for doing so is "transparency". The financial information is presented by our Treasurer at the meetings. There are conditions in our current bylaws that specifically state that "if any member requests to examine the financial statements or reports he/
  10. They (write-ins) are not even addressed in the bylaws.
  11. Write-in votes and nominations from the floor are not allowed in our current bylaws.
  12. The current bylaws read: "Any member seeking a constitutional office must be a member of the Association for one (1) year and must notify the Election Officer in writing not less than sixty (60) days before the elections, stating the name of that office to which he/she intends to seek election and the Elections Officer must certify through the records of the Financial Secretary and or Treasurer that said member has been "Financial" (up-to-date with membership dues) at least ninety (90) days prior to filing their intention to run for said office". There is no "rule" in our bylaws that addresses
  13. Good day all. I have a question. In our bylaws it specifically states that anyone running for an elected office must have been a member for one year, and attended 7 general membership meetings during the previous year. Now, here's the kcicker. One person submitted their "Membership Application" 5 months ago and has only attended 4 meetings. This person submitted his "Letter of Intent" to run for an elected postion October 2018. A couple of individuals on our Board intend to try and have those provisions of our bylaws, the Election Eligibility Requirements, (stated above) "temporarily suspende
  14. Good day all. There is a definite conflict in our bylaws when it comes to elections. In short that section of our bylaws calls for one "Class" of member (Retired) to be able to cast two votes (during the same election for one of the Boards 9 seats, for a "Retired" member), and the other "Class" of member (Active) may only cast a vote for one of the remaining 8 seats, but may not vote for the "Retirees" seat. I was made aware, from my previous post, that under Robert's Rules, there is only one kind of member and that member has but one vote. And that RONR 588 – 591 #2 reads: “When a provision
  15. I appreciate the replies to this issue. Thanks, and have a good one.
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