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  1. I appreciate the response. Thank you.
  2. Much appreciated. Makes sense to me. Now I just have to convince some others. Have a good one.
  3. Good day all. Not sure if this is covered by Robert's Rules, but: At our general membership meetings, as of late, our Secretary prepares minutes from our previous meeting for the members present. He makes and passes out copies for the members; but he also includes the organizations financial information (bank balances, etc.). He sites the purpose for doing so is "transparency". The financial information is presented by our Treasurer at the meetings. There are conditions in our current bylaws that specifically state that "if any member requests to examine the financial statements or reports he/she may contact the Treasurer who shall accommodate said members request...".Several members asked whether it is appropriate for the financial information to be included in the minutes especially due to the fact that, after the meeting is over, "we don't know where that (financial) information ends up and who (non-members) may get the information. Help?
  4. They (write-ins) are not even addressed in the bylaws.
  5. Write-in votes and nominations from the floor are not allowed in our current bylaws.
  6. The current bylaws read: "Any member seeking a constitutional office must be a member of the Association for one (1) year and must notify the Election Officer in writing not less than sixty (60) days before the elections, stating the name of that office to which he/she intends to seek election and the Elections Officer must certify through the records of the Financial Secretary and or Treasurer that said member has been "Financial" (up-to-date with membership dues) at least ninety (90) days prior to filing their intention to run for said office". There is no "rule" in our bylaws that addresses "suspension" of (part) the bylaws. The only thing addressing changes to the bylaws refers to "Amending" Bylaws.
  7. Good day all. I have a question. In our bylaws it specifically states that anyone running for an elected office must have been a member for one year, and attended 7 general membership meetings during the previous year. Now, here's the kcicker. One person submitted their "Membership Application" 5 months ago and has only attended 4 meetings. This person submitted his "Letter of Intent" to run for an elected postion October 2018. A couple of individuals on our Board intend to try and have those provisions of our bylaws, the Election Eligibility Requirements, (stated above) "temporarily suspended" in order to accommodate this individual. They also intend to bring this to a vote by the membership at our next membership meeting this Saturday. My question is: Do they have the right to do this? I feel as though, based upon our bylaws, they may not bring this to the membership. Help!
  8. Good day all. There is a definite conflict in our bylaws when it comes to elections. In short that section of our bylaws calls for one "Class" of member (Retired) to be able to cast two votes (during the same election for one of the Boards 9 seats, for a "Retired" member), and the other "Class" of member (Active) may only cast a vote for one of the remaining 8 seats, but may not vote for the "Retirees" seat. I was made aware, from my previous post, that under Robert's Rules, there is only one kind of member and that member has but one vote. And that RONR 588 – 591 #2 reads: “When a provision of the bylaws is susceptible to two meanings, one of which conflicts with or renders absurd another bylaw provision, and the other meaning does not, the latter must be taken as the true meaning.” My questions: What, if any, recourse do I have at this point? Do I have to wait until after the upcoming election to contest it? Thanks in advance.
  9. I appreciate the replies to this issue. Thanks, and have a good one.
  10. Good day all. Our organization was in the process of amending parts of our byaws. The Committee was made up of the Vice-president, our attorney, and two members of our Board, who the VP personally selected. When it comes time for the Board to vote "Yes" or "No" on the proposed changes (prior to them being brought before the membership for ratification), do the two Board members who were part of this committee have to recuse themselves from the vote? The current bylaws read, in part ""once any amendments are approved by the Board of Directors...and... "the proposed amendments and the full text of any such amendments will be presented at any annual meeting or any special meeting of the Association duly held for such purpose, and may be retified by the majority of the members present..."
  11. Good day all. Some of the folks on our bylaws committee have submitted "propsed" changes to our bylaws. On section dealing with elections they want to add relates to tied votes. It reads "Sould any contested office end in a tie vote, the vote to break saaid tie shall not take place until the next scheduled regular meeting and shall take place by means of a coin toss". Is it me? or Am I missing something? BTW, the proposed changes must be reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to them being voted on the the general membership. The Board has yet to meet. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you very much for the clarification. Much appreciated.
  13. Our organizations President has given our vice-president the task of heading-up a bylaws committee to submit proposed changes to the Board. Our bylaws state the proposed amendments must be submitted to the Board before it is presented to the general membership of ratification. We (the Board) have not received anything to date, but it was learned that some of the potential changes to be proposed may be in conflict with Policies that two previous Boards adopted and the current Board has upheld. If this is, in fact, the case, and members of the bylaws committee (2 of whom are new Board members , and unfortunately part of the new "clique") attempt to "convince others" to push the proposal(s) through, do the rest of us on the Board have any recourse to prevent this from happening? Policies vs. Proposed bylaws amendments? Thanks in advance.
  14. Good day. Our bylaws have three classes of membership: Regular, Associate, and Honorary. Initially under "Regular" this included "active" and "retired" individuals. There was an amendment added to the bylaws to include another class "Retired". Under this new class of member the bylaws stated that "one member shall be elected from the "Retired Membership" to the Board of Directors". This new class stemmed from members of our "sister organization" that was made up of "Retired members" (who are still considered members of our main organization) and the purpose was for the retired members to have proper representation. Now some of our members (who have split, or been ejected, from our sister organization) have decided to reinterpret the bylaws by now saying that "Retired Members" now includes them; they are seeking to try and hold a special election, for "retired members only", to have a seat on the Board. The only accommodation for special elections in our bylaws is if, after appointment to a vacant Board seat, and if the vacancy (office) is longer than six months, a special election may be called to fill that seat. I realize that it's confusing, but my main question is: Can a special election be called for a "specific population" of an organization? Wherein our bylaws state that all members must be notified of the position available and must submit their intention in writing within a specific time-frame. Sorry for the confusion.
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