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  1. It may well be that the desire was to take a motion from the table at a time when it was not in order to do so, in which event the motion could have been one "to suspend the rules and take from the table the motion relating to ...."
  2. Please note that, under the rules in RONR, matters placed on a consent calendar are not considered in gross, without debate or amendment, unless the special rule of order establishing the consent calendar so provides. This fact is sometimes overlooked when drafting such a special rule of order.
  3. Be nice if you all stopped referring to it as a special rule of order. 🙂
  4. Nothing wrong with it as far as Robert's Rules of Order is concerned.
  5. Well, the chair made a hash of it all, but since no one raised a point of order when the chair declared that "the motion for nomination" (whatever that is) carried, then it carried. If the result of adopting such a motion means that the nominee should be offered the job, then all's well.
  6. Perhaps you had better explain what you mean by a "vote of acclamation". As far as the rules in RONR are concerned, election by acclamation doesn't involve any voting.
  7. Well, apparently that's the way this board does things, so I suppose it is in accordance with its own rules.
  8. Oh my, H.H.H., please don't refer to anything at all dealing with voting in connection with a question concerning determination of the presence of a quorum. Speaker Reed put this issue to rest way back in 1890, and we certainly don't want it cropping up again. 🙂
  9. Well, I suppose this motion to change the starting time will require either a two-thirds vote or a vote of a majority of the entire membership if previous notice (as defined in RONR, 11th ed., on pp. 121-124) has not been given.
  10. Chances are that, if virtually all board members are in attendance after the mid-meeting change of membership, the making and adoption of a motion to rescind the previously adopted money expenditure motion may be the easiest way to achieve the desired result, since the vote of a majority of the entire board, as then constituted, will do the trick (Dr. Stackpole's initial suggestion).
  11. The answer to your question depends upon whether your bylaws prohibit individual members of Group B from endorsing candidates or just Group B itself. You haven't quoted enough of your bylaws for anyone to tell.
  12. Frankly, this advice is so bad it ought to be deleted.
  13. No, nothing in RONR grants the president any such power.
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