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  1. It would appear that your PE will become P, but you're out of luck with respect to any other officer whose term in office will expire. Please keep in mind that these responses are based solely upon what has been posted, which really isn't enough to feel confident about their accuracy.
  2. Thanks for posting this provision relating to vacancies, but I'm afraid that it doesn't seem to cover vacancies resulting from failure to hold an election. So I suppose you're out of luck.
  3. Perhaps the bylaws authorize the board to fill vacancies.
  4. This all seems to assume that your rules provide a method for properly canceling a regular or properly called meeting. Do they?
  5. If the bylaws say that the ballots must be sent between 40-55 days ahead of the annual meeting, and must arrive at the teller at least 10 days before the annual meeting, then that's that. In other words, the answer to both of your questions is no.
  6. Why is it limited to the person most recently holding the office of president prior to the current incumbent?
  7. Well, I didn't say it was incorrect, I said that it may or may not be correct, depending upon additional unstated facts (the time interval between meetings, for example, and all the other rules relating to the admissibility of such motions), and I think that assuming quite a number of facts not stated in order to answer a question not asked is not the way to respond to questions that are asked.
  8. I agree with what is said in the first sentence of this answer, and believe that it would have been best to stop there. The second sentence may or may not be correct, depending upon the circumstances, and in any event is not at all responsive to the question asked. I don't think that what is said in the third sentence is correct. I suppose I should add that, when I say that I agree with what is said in the first sentence, I'm obviously assuming that its qualifier "if the meeting has not been canceled" means that the meeting has not been legitimately and effectively cancelled. Otherwise, the Q&A would be rather meaningless.
  9. The short answer to your question is no, you can't suspend the rules which prohibit electronic meetings without bylaw authorization.
  10. When draft minutes are presented for approval, corrections to them may be proffered and agreed to. They may be amended only after they have already been approved.
  11. No. Nominations are debatable only while the floor is open for nominations.
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