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  1. Glad to hear it. Not such a bad thing these days.
  2. The latter. An assembly cannot ratify something that didn't happen.
  3. I certainly agree with the Board's attorney when he says that I am not the Board's attorney, but the fact remains that there is nothing in RONR that says that the President cannot also serve as Chairperson of committees. πŸ™‚
  4. I believe this is a correct statement whenever a vacancy arises due to death, resignation, or removal, and it is made explicit in the case of a vacancy arising in the office of president (RONR, 12th ed., 47:28). I think I should also refer here to the different rule that applies if a vacancy occurs as a result of an incomplete election (RONR, 12th ed., 46:45).
  5. The former seeks to eliminate something while the latter seeks not to do something. Well, think again. πŸ™‚
  6. Well, I could have suggested that you look at page vii of the 12th edition, but that probably would not have been as helpful. πŸ™‚
  7. Then maybe you need to take a look at what powers your bylaws confer upon your board.
  8. And not a single member of the board raised any objection to any of this?
  9. As well you should. If no special rule of order (or bylaw provision) was adopted establishing a consent calendar, you haven't got one.
  10. I still think it would be helpful to know exactly what happened at the Board meeting when, apparently, this committee initially submitted its report.
  11. Well, apparently the proposal, and the committee's report concerning it, are about to be presented to the membership at its next meeting. At that time, the proposal will be open to debate, amendment, etc., before it is voted on.
  12. Resolve what? Apparently a lot has already happened. You say that the president sent the proposals to a committee to discuss and present findings, and apparently this committee reported (you don't say to whom) that it had voted unanimously to reject the idea, but there was no supporting information in its report for this decision. You also say that there were questions raised about this lack of information, and that the president said she will get the committee to add information and the next step is the committee will present the recommendation to the general membership for a vote. When and where did this all happen? At a board meeting? If so, apparently the board just went along with it, without anyone raising any objection.
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