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  1. Thank you for the reply. No, the board did not create or appoint the committee. A member created the committee with 3 other members and announced it at our HOA meeting today. As this has never happened before the board did not really know what to do...
  2. Can an member start a committee without the boards approval?
  3. Thanks George! Do you think this qualifies for a (especially a large one) or is a large one more like 200, 500, etc?
  4. If a president of a chapter meeting (Is also the chair) and there are 50 - 70 members, can the president/chair vote?
  5. Past President, We had a VP who was elected one time, and over the next 3 years no one ran against him. The last 3 months before the end of this last year, the President went to management and the Vice President moved to President. Elections in December the VP ran for VP again and Lost. As he was never elected president, and only served for 3 months as a fill in President is he a IPP? In our Chapter by laws it states: I also found this on our State association web site, however, this is Not in our chapter bylaws. Section 2. Executive Board : The elected officers
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