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  1. When that person presents himself as the only one running, which is not the case.
  2. Yes, proxies are authorized by the bylaws but do not address the one up for re-election being prohibited from collecting them. We feel it's a blatant conflict of interest.
  3. It may be obvious but I’m looking for something to support challenging the following. Our Association will hold the Annual Homeowners Meeting very soon. A current Board member is up for re-election at this meeting. However, this same Board member has been going to homeowners to solicit their Proxy forms. These Proxies will be given to the Association Secretary and she will cast votes for this Board member to be re-elected. To complicate this further, there is someone else who will be running however, the individuals who have already gave their Proxy don’t know this. I’m looking for recommendations on how to challenge this inappropriate activity.
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