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  1. Wow! You all are very helpful! Thanks so much! Most of us feel the intent of the quoted "Special Email Meeting" by-law is to "Vote" on a single unexpected expense, not have a full blown meeting/motion/discussion.etc. The special meeting email vote has only on occasion & been used in this general manner with an email to all members in good standing from the President: "The expense for XYZ, with postage, handling and shipping will be $180 over the budgeted approved purchase amount. . . . $ 30 greater than the $ 150 limit that the bylaws allow for executive committee appro
  2. The email vote has NOT occurred yet . . . just strongly recommended by a past president and possibly two others. The current president has not publicly committed her view and is looking for input on whether an email vote can/should take place for our budget based on the bylaws wording above (which I acknowledge is already outside the realm of RR ) She is not sure "who" to listen to & who gets the final say in "interpreting" fuzzy by-laws. I appreciate your input, "I suppose the President will have to decide how to interpret the rule in your bylaws." Can you cite page a
  3. I am treasurer of a women's organization with bylaws that some interpret differently. "Who" gets to decide how wording will be interpreted when there is a difference of opinion by a very small, but vocal minority of past officers? A proposed budget was tabled at a recent meeting in order to obtain clarifying info from me (the treasurer) who was out of the state. Now, less than 3 of 36 members want to have the 2018 year-long budget approved by email vote in a special meeting. The other members have not had any opportunity to weigh in or discuss the budget. Our by-laws state: "Spe
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