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  1. Hello, We are a small nonprofit and the Nominating chair has asked the question if she can call for a vote on a board prospect during the board meeting, so that the Nominating Committee doesn't need to hold a separate meeting? All members of the Nominating Committee would be present at the Board Meeting. Thanks.
  2. When you say a committee should be appointment to approve the minutes, could they approved during a regular board meeting?
  3. No, we understand the that action taken doesn't need approval of the minutes. Thank you for your input.
  4. Yes, we can conduct business via electronic means, and yes this meeting was a video meeting.
  5. Can this wait until the next meeting, which could be months? Or can we call a vote via email? I am in California if that makes a difference.
  6. Hello, Our nonprofit executive committee met last week to approve a minor action. Do these minutes need to be approved? If so, by whom? Thank you, Laura
  7. Do the financial reports also fall into the category of not needing board approval?
  8. Hey all. We are a midsize nonprofit and currently use a consent calendar for approval of minutes, staff reports and routine business items. We have a new board chair this year and he doesn't understand the consent calendar. He brought up the point if staff reports actually need board approval. I have searched without finding much information. Please advise.
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