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Voting for a gift

Guest Nancy Pickeirng

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Wait! Have a meeting of which not all members were notified of said meeting?? Is that what's being suggested?

Certainly not (though I admit I didn't expect such a quick and seemingly final reply from the OP). Clearly the president would have to know about the meeting (and I assumed she would). Perhaps Ms. Pickering will stop back.

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Depending on if they want to keep her totally in the dark and how much money the gift would be I have two possible options:

1) The members could get together and pool together their money and purchase the gift themselves and then at a meeting after the gift has been given a member could move that the members be reimbursed for the money they put into the kitty.

2) At a meeting in New Business the membership could say that they wish to discuss and take action on recognizing the President's service and request she leave the room while the topic is being disposed of. Of course the President is free to decline to leave the room and stay. However, if she chooses to stay she should turn over the chair to the VP since the topic affects her alone.

In either of those cases the fact that the funds were disbursed would end up in the minutes so she would know how much was spent (though I am sure there are ways to frame the motion so all the details on how much was spent wouldn't have to be included). The only way I can think of to keep the amount spent away from the President is if the Members paid for it out of pocket and didn't use organization funds.

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Esteemed President is resigning, but will retain a seat of 9-member board -

how do we approve funds for a gift for her without her knowledge?

If you plan to use organization money, by adopting a motion to authorizing spending money for such a person, then the answer is, "It cannot be done."

You cannot:

(a.) hold a meeting without notifying 100% of the members of the body which is meeting.

(b.) bar a member from attending a properly-called meeting.

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