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No (except in the rare case of the imposition of a disciplinary penalty).

The method of voting is decided by the assembly as a whole, or by its adopted rules, not by any one member.

Can you tell where I can find this in Roberts Rules of Order ?


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Can a member ask for a ballot vote and it immediately be granted without any discussion?

Well, it is technically possible. I mean anyone can ask, right?

A member, if recognized, can say I ask unanimous consent that this motion be decided by a ballot vote. The chair will ask if there are any objections, and if there are none, the request will be granted without any discussion. Or, he could simply move that this motion be decided by ballot, Which would require majority vote.

If made while a question is pending (as the examples above imply) then the motion is not debatable, so in a sense they both can be said to fit the criterion of "without any discussion".

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