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Reporting Election Results


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Is there anyting in the tenth edition that actually requires the voting tally to be reported along with the winning candidates when reporting the result of an election of Directors?



"The tellers' report is entered in full in the minutes, becoming a part of the official records of the organization. Under no circumstances should this be omitted in an election or in a vote on a critical motion out of a mistaken deference to the feelings of unsuccessful candidates or members of the losing side." RONR, p. 404

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To add to George's reply, the tellers tabulate the votes onto a Tellers' Report and the head Teller reads the results (all the numbers) out loud to the assembly. The report is handed to the Chair who agains reads the results out loud again, before announcing the result (winner, incomplete election, etc). So not only do they go into the minutes, but everyone has heard them out loud twice.

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