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  1. Those voting will answer this question.
  2. Oh he's not. He's a big softie, but we try to humor The Wrathful one.
  3. Was the unpopular appointment one of those which were settled at the meeting?
  4. The proper thing to do is for the president to call the meeting in question to order at the proper day and time, and any members present may adopt a motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn (RONR §22). The motion would specify the date and time of the adjourned meeting and it must be held before your next regular meeting. So if your department wants to push it back until the same date at 9 PM for example, fine. A week later, as an example, fine. Just let everyone know, if possible. A quorum need not be present to adopt this motion.
  5. If the intent is to adopt this motion without going through formal disciplinary procedures in RONR, he has a right to stay and a right to vote on it, even though he should abstain.
  6. I can link to on the top and bottom the page, for what it's worth.
  7. Do the bylaws authorize special meetings? If so, the notice required should be a part of that bylaw provision.
  8. Right, we understand that. I think the motion that was voted on was dilatory. Adopted or defeated, he's not removed. If they want him gone then make an affirmative motion to remove him as the bylaws require.
  9. Was it: 1) An affirmative motion to deny a request for use of the facilities adopted by a majority vote. or 2) A vote to approve the use of the facilities which was not adopted. I think the distinction matters.
  10. No. There is a 2/3 vote requirement to keep someone on the board who was already properly elected/appointed?
  11. No. RONR (12th ed.), 25:9
  12. There is no problem. It's just never going to be in order for an election when the election is pending. As Dan noted:
  13. See FAQ#1 here https://robertsrules.com/frequently-asked-questions/#faqs
  14. Any current member of the board may propose a correction to minutes which have already been approved. See RONR (12th ed.), 48:15 for full details.
  15. It's also necessary to know because as Richard noted in post #2 a proposed revision is fully opened to amendment. Individual amendments as we know have restrictions on how they can be amended. Since notice has been given and Mr. Riggins says they want to make some amendments, this could get messy with the notice already provided if this is not a proposed revision. Yes, we just need a lot more information to be helpful here.
  16. Mr. Riggins' use of the word "them" makes me wonder if it s a revision as RONR defines it, or a large set of proposed individual amendments ("them"). Mr. Riggins?
  17. Yes. "The roll is called in alphabetical order except that the presiding officer's name is called last, and only when his vote will affect the result. " RONR (12th ed.), 45:48 If you have the 11th edition, see p. 421. The rule is exactly the same.
  18. In short can a majority vote be passed at a meeting where quorum is met, with a total number of votes that is less than quorum? Yes. As an extreme example, a vote of 1-0 would suffice for a majority vote if a quorum is present. See https://robertsrules.com/frequently-asked-questions/#faqs FAQ#6 for additional information.
  19. It is perfectly proper and RONR (12th ed.) 46:46 covers the procedure involved.
  20. Under the rules in RONR, yes, unless the bylaws or some applicable rule in statute give the board that authority. See RONR (12th ed.), 49:7.
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