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  1. He has no right to have his vote recorded. The request can be granted by majority vote. RONR (12th ed.), 48:3
  2. Under the rules in RONR, none. The board can either grant the request or not.
  3. This is not correct. Including a member's name in a resolution is necessary in resolutions related to the disciplinary procedures in RONR, and very common in courtesy resolutions and has nothing to do with the actual debate of the resolution. I have no clue what this means. The rules for decorum in debate are always applicable when any motion or resolution is being debated regardless of whether a member is present or not.
  4. I don't know about Mr. Novosielski, but after 4+ years of waiting I am quite "moved" (verb, past tense) by this.
  5. Yes. You're referring to a roll call vote. See RONR (12th ed.), 45:45-54
  6. Okay, but their refusal to vote your way doesn't change the answer provided by Mr. Honemann in post #2.
  7. Perhaps this will help. " In filling vacancies for unexpired terms, an officer who has served more than half a term in an office is considered to have served a full term." RONR (12th ed.), 47:4
  8. Not under the rules in RONR. Once is quite enough.
  9. My own view of it, Gary, is technically, yes. Just because a contract has been signed doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible to undo (35:6 (b) ). That's really the only standard here related to this scenario.
  10. I wouldn't worry about this part too much since you state the notice was given. So was it the motions for which previous notice was given that were removed from the proposed agenda prior to adopting it?
  11. In the tinted pages - Tables of Rules Relating to Motions (t6ff), see the motions where the class is M/B. IIRC correctly, all of them are forms of a motion to Rescind, or Amend Something Previously Adopted.
  12. Isn't this applicable with regards to a motion to reconsider the vote rather than rescind?
  13. An Objection to the Consideration of a Question can only be applied to an original main motion and not before one is made. It cannot be made at all regarding a motion to amend the bylaws. See RONR (12th ed.), 26:2 (2). Oh and for the future see.
  14. Lots of things need notice in a city council. Their attorney can advise them.
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