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  1. George Mervosh

    Entering a motion to remove president

    I'm not a fan of using "discussing" in such a notice, unless all you want to do is discuss it, but it's probably just me being a major nitpicker today.
  2. In its unqualified form it only applies to the immediately pending question. If you want it to apply to all pending questions you need to say so when you move for the previous question.
  3. George Mervosh

    Voting Between 3 Options

    I was wondering the same thing myself. That would be far less complicated.
  4. George Mervosh

    Voting Between 3 Options

    That's uncomplicated? I don't know more than a dozen people (and that may be a stretch) that can properly preside over a substitute.
  5. George Mervosh

    Move to request written report?

    An individual member cannot demand anything but the parent assembly can instruct the committee to submit a written report. Please note: "All committee reports should be submitted in writing, except as noted (for particular types of brief reports in a small assembly) on pages 525–27." RONR (11th ed.), p. 511.
  6. George Mervosh

    Resignation Procedures

    See this from Mr. Gerber and start a new topic, please. https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/25416-important-read-this-first-faq-and-information-for-new-members-and-guests/
  7. George Mervosh

    Voting Item

    RONR does not require previous notice for something like this. The assembly could have always postponed the matter to the next meeting (assuming that next meeting his held within a quarterly time interval) or sent it to a committee for further review and recommendations. The organization can adopt a rule requiring previous notice on certain types of motions.