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Motion at Annual meeting of members

Guest Corporce Sec

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Our association has a Board of Directors and once a year we have an annual meeting of the general membership.

Can a motion be made by one of the general members of the association to rescind fee increases that were already approved by the Board (our by-laws state that the Board sets the fees for the membership)?

Also, if this sort of motion is in order, what percentage of the vote is required in order for a motion of this sort to pass (1/2 or 2/3)?

Can someone direct me to the back up in the RROO 10th edition?

Thanks for any help!

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Guest Corporate Sec

No. If the Bylaws give the power (if absolute) to the Board to set fees, that's it.

The only way to change that is amend the bylaws.

RONR has no "backup" for this as the fee-setting rules in question are in your bylaws, not RONR.

So something like the following by-law quotes ensures that members cannot rescind fee increases? "Members shall pay non-refundable annual fees as are assessed from time to time by the Board" and "The Board shall etablish by regulation, a schedule of fees for membership...and for any other services provided by the association...".

Thank you for your help.

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