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Anonymous Amendments

Guest Chris the Hiss

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My group is amending it's constitution. Our meetings are governed by Robert's Rules of Order. One of my members would like to offer an anonymous amendment. Does Robert's allow this - I can't find in the 10th ed.?

Depending on the way your constitutional amendments are being submitted, the person proposing an amendment might be required to give notice of the proposed amendment as well as moving its adoption at the meeting.

If your constitution is being amended in the more typical way (strike these words / add these others), then any change to the proffer must be within the scope of the change; it must not increase the severity of the proposal. For example, if the proposal is to increase dues from #50 to $60, it would be in order to move to change the new amount to $55 but not to $75 (or to $25).

If your constitution is being amended by what's called a 'revision' whereby a new constitution replaces the old one, all the sections of the constitution are open for amendment during the debate on the floor. Using the example above, you could amend that section to set the dues at any number.

The principle is that, unless your bylaws say otherwise, you must give notice of proposed amendments to the bylaws. Notice includes the proposed change and the name of the member (or entity such as the Rules Committee) proposing the change.


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