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Abstention from Voting

Guest Alicia

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When a board member abstains from voting on a motion, do they have to give a reason?

No, and it would be out of order for a member to give a reason during the vote, since there may be no debate or interruptions during voting.

What are valid reasons for abstaining from a vote?

A member always has the right to abstain, for any reason or no reason.

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A member has the basic right to vote, but need not do so. However, the member cannot be compelled to give a reason why he/she is abstaining.

In fact, they cannot even be allowed to give one, at least not when voting starts. it would be in order for a member in debate to say that they intend to abstain and why, if they so choose (unless they were the mover of the motion).

As far as "vallid" reasons, there are a few that RONR recommends people should abstain on. An example might be voting to increase your own salary. But it might be that someone has no opinion, or doesn't want people to know their opinion, or simply doesn't care. Or no reason at all.

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