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Board member wants to move to disclose voting in a secret vote

Guest Jennifer Helton

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Guest Jennifer Helton

We are a trade association with an 8-person executive board. The board must vote to accept or deny new memberships, which we have been doing with a Zoomerang email survey. Up until now, the votes have been far in the favor on one way (either yea or nay) and thus we have not required a name field on the survey. Yesterday the board voted 4-3-1 and the motion passed. A member is requesting that all board members disclose their vote since he is sure the vote should have been 3-4-1 and the motion should have failed. It is true that a board member changed his mind at the last minute, but still outwardly played both sides.

Can a board member ask for a roll call vote after the fact or would he need to move for a re-vote with name disclosure? Could he move to reconsider or rescind the vote?

Thanks for your assistance. This issue has been a weeks-long hassle with the final vote finally coming yesterday.

Jennifer Helton, CMP

FSA Management Group

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