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We have a board member who wishes to bring their own parliamentarian to our board meeting. She is doing this so that she can be advised "on the spot" .

My question is this:

Do parliamentarians have a license or some sort of credentials that can can be verified?

Needless to say this one member does not get along with the rest of the board and is bending over backwards to find ways to stop all progress on every issue. We just don't want her to bring in a "friend" who knows next to nothing about ronr and waste more of our time.

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To your more basic concern, don't let her bring anyone in to advise her if you're not comfortable with it. Non-members of the Board have no right to be there, period. The Board can deny the person's admittance.

Whether they have obtained credentials through either of the two organizations that offer them is irrelevant. There are plenty of good ones who don't have any credential or belong to either group. And none are licensed.

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