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What cancel a standing committee meeting


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Coupla questions:

How was the meeting scheduled in the first place?

On what authority is the chair making that assertion? (A corollary question: Can he show you a rule - in RONR or elsewhere - that backs up his claim? Ask him/her to do so. Tell him that you are not "aware" and seek enlightenment.)

And, of course, allow for the possibility that he is right.

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Right... Given a properly scheduled meeting and no special rules of your own association (not found in RONR), I'd say the only way to cancel a meeting would be to rescind or amend the motion scheduling the meeting in the first place.

But you have to be AT a meeting to move to Rescind &c.

There's a certain carts and horses problem here.

And if the committee meeting(s) were scheduled by the parent body, then there seems no way at all for the committee itself to cancel its own meetings.

Show up, move to adjourn (even with no quorum present), and go home.

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