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Depends on the context of Majority?

On a motion it is Yes > No, So 3 > 1 That is a majority

If you have a bylaw that says something must pass with a majority of "Members", then probably no.

But in most cases, majority is majority voting. So even if you had all seven there and for some reason only one person voted 1>0.

The only other thing you have to worry about is quorum. But unless you have some other definition 4 > (1/2 of 7) or 3.5

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On a seven member board, 4 are present, 3 voted in favor of the motion. Would this be considered a majority? What would be a majority for a 7 member board?

Yes, a 3-1 vote, or a 3-0 vote (the only two possibilities, if four are present), would be a majority vote in favor.

A majority of seven is four, but a majority vote on a seven-member board would depend on how many show up and how many of those vote.

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