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Recused Member In Minutes


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Guest Suzan,

I'm curious why you think (incorrectly) that a member should recuse himself? Not only is this unsupport in RONR, but it sounds like you more than have a misunderstanding of recusal, but it sounds very odd.

Why do you and this member think "recusal" is necessary?

Do some members disagree with a position the "recused" member has taken?

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5 minutes ago, Laura Byrd said:

When a person recuses themselves - is it necessary to give a reason for recusal and for that reason to be documented in the minutes?


(It's best to start a new thread instead of adding on to an old one, especially a really old one.  See this from Mr. Gerber http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/index.php?/topic/25416-important-read-this-first-faq-and-information-for-new-members-and-guests/  )



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