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Can't send a message

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For the past few weeks, when I try to send an internal message, the MB won't send it, and it posts a notice -- that has a blank space for the reason!

Can we fix it?

I'm particularly concerned right now because I made a joke a few minutes ago that mentioned Ms Evans herself and I wanted to signal her that it was a joke and I would delete it if she didn't find it funny but I can't.


(Shmuel: not bad, eh?)

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I don't know... possibly the system does not approve of jokes involving this "Ms Evans"...


I have not heard of this issue before. I can report it to the tech support desk. So you are using private message feature (the little envelope near the upper right corner that says messenger when you hover over)? If you don't think I understand how you are sending the message, can you create a screenshot and email it to me? You should be able to see my email address in my profile.

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