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Board Commitment Statement


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What is the proper method used to put a statement of commitment in place?

Can a committee simply create the statement?  Must it be specified in the bylaws that such a statement will exist? 


A simple main motion can be used to pass a resolution expressing the society's support for a cause, or commitment to a goal or ideal. 


If you want to make it more permanent (and probably more general) and binding upon the society in the sense that motions that conflict with it or exceed its scope are not in order, then a good place to put it is Article II of the bylaws "Object(s) of the Society"

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This is sometimes called a "Policies and Procedures Manual" or a Set of Job Descriptions depending on their content.


The Board, or perhaps the general membership at a regular meeting, can adopt the document (by majority vote), depending on who it is intended to guide.


In RONR's terms the entire document is (most likely) a (large) set of "Standing Rules"  --  see p. 18.  --  although there may be a few "Special Rules of Order" (p. 15) scattered through the "manual".   (Those particular rules require 2/3 to adopt, usually.)


And sometimes, depending on the nature of the rule, the Special Rules of Order should be placed in the bylaws.

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