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what happens to an Association when nobody wants to be Pres. V.P. Treasurer, or Recording Sec.

Guest Don

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I am the elected President of a family Association. We also have an elected V. Pres., Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. The Ass. was started with the end goal being a family reunion, we adopted the rules that our parents used when they began the association over 40 years ago. There are no longer any founding members of the Ass. alive, so we have tweaked many of their written bylaws to reflect current times, and a 2/3 vote was used to make these changes. The original founding members agreed to run the Association using Robert's Rules of order, and we have tried our best to do the same.


We have 16 Association members, that are now called current charter members, they all pay monthly dues, which are collected and held in a bank account by the Treasurer. Last month the current charter members agreed to fund a family reunion, with money in the bank account, along with a $15.00 token ticket price to make sure the meal, raffle prizes, and costs were all paid for, currently after all bills were paid there is a $75.00 surplus in the bank account.


Next month I was planning to have a meeting, where a new slate of officers would be nominated and elected. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anybody interested in taking on the responsibility to run for any of the officer positions.


My question is this: Without anybody to run for any of the elected positions, does the Association just become dissolved?



Does somebody have to make a motion, and a second, to dissolve the Association?


Does the money held in the bank account get divided evenly between the current charter members?


Thank You

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You could theoretically continue as an organization without any elected officials. But why bother?


Dissolving an (unincorporated) association amounts to rescinding the bylaws (by the same process by which they're amended). Prior to adopting that final, fatal motion you'll want to adopt a motion to disburse any remaining funds in the treasury (e.g. by donating them to a worthy cause).


Going forward, you might be able to do all the things you've been doing (e.g. family reunions) without a formal organization.

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Because the nomination, and election of officers happens after all the Association business is conducted, I wasn't sure if just by lack of particapation, the Association would automatically become dissolved, or it will require a motion, and second to be dissolved. thanks for your input.

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