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  1. One of the benefits of being a member is the ability to edit (i.e. amend) and even delete (i.e. rescind) your posts. Though one should never delete posts that have been replied to. And any editing done after replies have been posted should be done sparingly and transparently (e.g. by using Strike Through and adding a note indicating that the post has been edited). Edited at 9:15 AM.
  2. I almost never view the page where the three forums are listed. My "home page" is the "New Content" page (which combines all forums and shows individual topics). By the way, I suppose it should be noted that this topic has, indeed, turned into "Questions or Comments about the Message Board". Looks like our intrepid Moderator has some slicing, dicing, copying and pasting to do.
  3. Perhaps you should ask Mr. Dunbar. In any event, it seems PAP does stand for Professional Accredited Parliamentarian and LP stands for Licensed Parliamentarian.
  4. The top of one's head is not always the best place to look. Scrolling through acronymfinder.com, perhaps PAP stands for Professional Accredited Parliamentarian. As for LP, all bets are off. Licensed Paralegal?
  5. Isn't that what Google is for? Edited at 6:00 PM to add: Dunbar is Shane Dunbar, MEd, PRP, PAP, LP.
  6. And even though Mr. Honemann has retired resigned from The Authorship Team, I've already suggested (alas, to no avail) that he retain his position as a member of The Moderating Team. If for no other reason than he has contributed more than 4,000 posts as a Moderator and those posts no longer indicate that.
  7. I've done a little more Googling and may have found one possible source of the "problem". Some of the cookies are set to expire when the browsing session ends. But this can be overridden by Chrome. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Content settings. If the first option, "Allow local data to be set" is selected, the session cookie(s) will be retained. If the second option is selected, they won't be. For example, consider this cookie: mqtidsCreated: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 9:20:05 PMExpires: When the browsing session ends My browsing sessions have ended several times since June 3 but the cookie is retained.
  8. Hmm. I rarely turn off my modem (which doubles as a WiFi router) and didn't in the above experiment. So I checked my IP address, closed the tab with this forum, closed the browser, shut down the computer, and turned off the modem. Then I turned on the modem, turned on the computer, opened the browser, verified that I now had a new IP address, and returned to this page. Still logged in.
  9. Okay, You mentioned a "cookie blocker" and I thought you might have been referring to some third-party program, not Chrome's internal settings. Computer off all night; still logged in this morning.
  10. I look forward, respectfully, to Ms. Holloway's moderation.
  11. I just closed the tab with this forum, closed the browser, shut down Windows and turned off the computer. Then I turned on the computer opened the browser and came to this site. Still logged in. You might take a look at your Chrome content settings and see what the cookie settings look like.
  12. Since I'm on the same forum using the same browser*, I don't think either is the source of your problem. *I should note that I'm using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.81 m
  13. I'm experiencing no unexpected logouts using Chrome with Windows XP. Closing the browser, shutting down Windows, turning off the computer. No problem. Edited to add: Chrome is storing 7 cookies for robertsrules.forumflash.com. Also something called an "indexed database". Some of the cookies expire "When the browsing session ends" but I'm not sure it means what it seems to mean. Anyway, I guess one of the cookies keeps me logged in and another remembers which posts I've read. I'm not sure any of this is especially helpful but you could check your cookies and see what's there.
  14. Do you click the "Remember Me" box when you log in? As long as you're using the same browser on the same computer, I assume a cookie is doing the job of keeping you logged on. Have you made any recent changes to your browser settings re: cookies? I'm basically logged in 24/7 though I think I've been unintentionally logged out a couple of times (can't remember if the circumstances had anything in common).
  15. Well, I move that Mr. Honemann be given the well-deserved honor of Moderator Emeritus.
  16. I just noticed that Mr. Honemann is no longer a member of The Moderating Team. I trust this is not the result of some sort of Chapter XX disciplinary action. And there's a mystery Moderator named "Barbara".
  17. I would never have imagined that Ms. Rempel was a fan of Skank, the sock puppet.
  18. Obviously Mr. Cad was able to add a profile picture but he didn't indicate which method he used. So I just checked and upload still doesn't work but import still does.
  19. And yet somehow the overwhelming number manage to do so. I sometimes wonder if basic questions (and some are indisputably basic) are sometimes posted in the Advanced Discussion Forum in the hope that they'll get a quicker reply (the same reason some topics are posted in ALL CAPS or with a word like "Urgent!). Anyway, as noted, it's not a big deal. And novices who truly believe their basic questions are "advanced" can easily become a member and there's no downside to that (and a significant upside in that their follow up posts will all be under the same name and not devolve to "Guest_Guest as happens all too often). Edited at 2:50 PM to add: They'd not only have to think that their question was "advanced", they'd have to (per the instructions) consider themselves to be "experienced parliamentarians".
  20. Occasionally (and twice in the past 24 hours) a guest will post a basic question in the Advanced Discussion Forum. It's not a big deal and the moderators will usually move it to the General Discussion Forum (as was done with the two most recent topics). But I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to limit posts in the Advanced Discussion Forum to members only. At first blush that may seem exclusionary (even elitist?) but, of course, anyone can become a member. So it's really not more than a speed bump. And it might even encourage a guest to become a member. I also wonder if the guest might not be able to find the re-located topic (okay, that seems unlikely) or become upset that it had been moved and not follow up. Anyway, just an idea. I see a few upsides (guests think twice, guests become members, less work for the moderators) and no downsides.
  21. Indeed it does. But I think many guests just start looking for a topic that addresses their question (which is how many forums work). And many forums have a "read this first" or "please read before posting" topic pinned to the top of the list. So it's something many users are familiar with. Call it a belt-and-suspenders approach.
  22. One option would be to post a topic titled: "IMPORTANT: Read this first" and "pin" it to the top of the topics list. Not that everyone (anyone?) will read it but, like chicken soup, it can't hurt. It could be locked so no one could add comments. And it could include a link to the "Start New Topic" page.
  23. If this was an open-source bulletin board program (e.g. phBB, which I've used), there would probably be someone who's done just that and made the modification available to all. But this program (IP Board) is proprietary and so any such modification, even if available, would probably entail a hefty fee. But I think it's a good idea.
  24. For those who can't wait, the upload option still doesn't work but the import from URL option works.
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