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  1. One of the benefits of being a member is the ability to edit (i.e. amend) and even delete (i.e. rescind) your posts. Though one should never delete posts that have been replied to. And any editing done after replies have been posted should be done sparingly and transparently (e.g. by using Strike Through and adding a note indicating that the post has been edited). Edited at 9:15 AM.
  2. "could and could"? And why do you think this person was male?
  3. By amending the motion to strike "censure" and insert "commend".
  4. As it happens, I used to be involved with a local historical society whose provisional charter, granted in 1991, was made "absolute" in 2000. Unless you're an attorney or a tax accountant (I'm neither), I would caution against interpreting the applicable laws based on a cursory reading of a few web pages. You might want to contact historical societies near you. There's no need to reinvent the wheel.
  5. What transforms the exchange of e-mail among individual board members into an "e-mail meeting"? (Note: this is a rhetorical question, outside the scope of this forum.)
  6. The quorum refers to the number of members who must be present at a meeting in order for any substantive business to be conducted. The exchange of e-mail messages among board members does not constitute a meeting of the board (so the word "quorum" doesn't apply) and nothing in RONR gives anyone the right to view those messages.
  7. No. Do not confuse the quorum requirement with a voting requirement. A vote of 1-0 constitutes a majority vote no matter how many members are present (or absent).
  8. What if a majority of a full board is present but, due to vacancies, the quorum requirement can't be met (e.g. the quorum requirement is two-thirds of the board)? Is the General's objection to the lack of a majority or the lack of a quorum (in cases where the two are different)?
  9. I think the term "majority of the board" can be reasonably interpreted to mean "majority of the board members".
  10. And, not surprisingly, the motion that creates a committee is called a Motion to Commit.
  11. The short answer is "yes". The slightly longer answer is that there's no need to make a motion to approve the minutes (mainly because not approving them is not an option). But a member who wasn't present at the meeting in question is perfectly free to suggest a correction prior to approval. Our favorite example is when the minutes record that the absent member made a motion.
  12. It's also possible (though perhaps unlikely) that the board might not be the proper body to accept (or reject) the resignation of a board member.
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