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  1. Well, you don't have to stop it since the results of an illegal vote are null and void. But you might want to point this out to your president before the meeting. If that fails, raise a point of order at the meeting.
  2. Raise a point of order to the effect that the board's action was improper. The chair will rule on the point of order. The chair's ruling can be appealed.
  3. Well, RONR strongly advises against combining mail-in (i.e. absentee) votes with "in-person" votes. At the very least, everyone should be voting on the same thing (i.e. no changes at the meeting). So you might want to get the word out that adopting this proposal is a bad idea.
  4. Yes, but the "original" motion would still have to be made and there's no need to to make a motion to amend the bylaws in a way that would be harmful to the organization (hoping that it will, itself, be amended before adoption). Rather than make a motion to burn down the clubhouse and then amend it to strike "burn down" and insert "paint", it's best not to make such a motion in the first place.
  5. No (a motion to not do something is out of order improper). But, at the meeting, there's no need to make a motion to adopt the flawed proposal (i.e. to actually amend the bylaws). And even if such a motion is made, it can be defeated.
  6. No, you didn't (unless, of course, your rules require it). Since members can't be compelled to vote (i.e. they're free to abstain), they can't be compelled to vote for all open positions.
  7. A meeting can be adjourned whenever the assembly decides it should be adjourned. Any unfinished business will carry over to the next meeting.
  8. That's not a bus; it's a vintage Toronto streetcar.
  9. Are you referring to one Deacon's recommendation or the recommendation of the assembly of Deacons? In other words, where does the missing apostrophe belong?
  10. Please post your question as a new topic (this one's more than four years old!). Click here for more information.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what is this "assembly" called?
  12. What do you mean by "the voting assembly"? Are you referring to the general membership? The board? The term "assembly" just refers to the members present (i.e. assembled) at a meeting. it could refer to the general members present at a meeting of the general membership or to the board members present at a meeting of the board. What makes these board officers "non-voting"?
  13. For future reference, it's best to post your question as a new topic (I'm assuming your organization is not the same one as Mr. Meineker's). Click here for more information.
  14. I'm not sure it matters since your own disciplinary procedures supersede those in RONR.
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