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Annual minutes


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We conduct monthly meetings with the Board of Directors(12), and an annual meeting with the membership. Does the secretary read the minutes of the last monthly meeting, or the minutes of the last annual meeting? Can we dispense with all or part of, the reading of the minutes? 

"Dispense with" is a term of art, and does not mean dispense with, it means postpone.  But you can waive reading of the minutes (if no one objects) providing all members receive a written copy of the draft minutes.


As to who approves what:

  • Board meeting minutes are approved at board meetings by the board.
  • Membership minutes are approved at membership meetings by the membership.


...except that a year is too long to wait to approve minutes.  The membership, at the annual meeting should adopt a motion to have a committee or the board review and approve the minutes of the annual meeting.

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