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If RONR is your parliamentary authority, then you DO have a quorum.  RONR establishes the default quorum as a majority of the members.


Oops..   I think I misread your question.  I thought you meant "If our organization has no quorum specified in its bylaws".....


If a quorum is not present at a meeting, you should  still  call the meeting to order, then you can do these four things:


1.  Recess (to allow time for others to arrive and to try to reach absent members)

2.  Take action to obtain a quorum, such as by calling absent members

3.  Set an adjourned meeting (such as for the next night or the next week)

4.  Adjourn

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You can call the meeting to order, and then:  

Even in the absence of a quorum, the assembly may fix the time to which to adjourn (22), adjourn (21), recess (20), or take measures to obtain a quorum....
A motion that absent members be contacted during a recess would represent a measure to obtain a quorum.



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