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Chair errs in whether vote succeeded or not...tries to change outcome later

Guest Robert Gifford

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Guest Robert Gifford

We are a department in an academic setting.

Most decisions are made pretty informally.

We do, however, recognize Robert's Rules as

the authority when things become complex.


In this case, with two retirements pending, the issue was

"In which are of the field should we seek replacements?"


The chair announced (but did not put to a vote) that

"We will vote separates on each proposal. Any proposal

that receives more yes votes than no votes will be

forwarded to the central administration."


Three proposals were put forward (formally moved for acceptance)

over a several week period. In the meeting, two were clearly

passed, and one received 12 yea and 12 nay votes. However,

the Chair announced that all three would go forward and

quickly closed the meeting without further business being

allowed (or requested).


The next day, the Chair announced by email, "I made a

mistake and the third proposal will not go forward."


I am the mover of this third proposal.


Is there any hope within Robert's Rules?


Thank you!

Robert Gifford  (answer here on the forum...I am new here... or directly to rgifford@uvic.ca


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Generally there is a timeliness requirement for a point of order. RONR says:


"Points of order regarding the conduct of a vote must be raised immediately following the announcement of the voting result (see pp. 408-9)." (RONR 11th ed., p. 250, l. 30 to p. 251, l. 2)


Since there was no timely point of order, the three adopted motions are in effect unless they are rescinded or amended.


I think Official Interpretation 2006-18 may also be of use.

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