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Approval of board minutes

Guest Norene Goard

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A board member presented a final report to the board at the last meeting of her term and has issues with the minutes being presented in summary and wishes to have a list of names presented in addition to the action.  A correction was made and she still insiststhat two of the many board members involved in this contentious issue be named which in my opinion is inflammatory finger-pointing.

We hope to approve the minutes at our next board meeting, but is she allowed a vote as she no longer is on the board?

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First, the minutes should be a record of what was done, not what was said.  If the president's report was in writing, it can be placed on file.  If it was verbal, the minutes should reflect only that the president gave a report.  Commentary about other members does not belong in the minutes.


When the minutes are up  for approval, someone can move to strike all of the objectionable language from the minutes.  Usually that is done by unanimous consent, but, if someone objects, then it takes a majority vote to order the language removed.


The outgoing president gets to vote at that meeting only if she is still a member of the board.  In fact, she may not even have the right to be present.


Edited to add:  RONR devotes several pages to the minutes and what they should and should not contain.

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