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Revision of Bylaws


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The board sent out a revision in accordance with the present bylaws 30 days before a vote, at the subsequent meeting a member put forward an amendment but the President refused it as there had to be 30 days notice to amend the bylaws.


I thought that if it was a revision (completely rewritten) then amendments could be made from the floor.  After the President refused another member called for a vote. While still in discussion another member made a motion to postpone till the fall meeting, the President again refused saying that there was already a motion to vote. The vote then took place.


Was this vote illigal?

Was the President overstepping his authority?



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Interesting, so how do you deal with someone under those circumstances who either wanted to just drive it through or is ignorant of the rules?


See RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 247-260 for information on a Point of Order and Appeal, and pgs. 650-653 for information on "Remedies for Abuse of Authority by the Chair in the Meeting."


The problem is probably 99% of the membership do not know or care about how a meeting should be run.


That will certainly complicate things, since you're going to need a majority on your side to accomplish much (and 2/3 is even better). You can educate the people who don't know how a meeting should be run. We can't help you make people care.

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