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Can an officer who currently hold a position run for another officer's position without resigning their current position because their term is not up yet?


Yes.  Even If your rules prevent someone from holding two offices, it's probably wise to wait and see if you win the election before resigning your current office.

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You have a vacancy on the board of directors after an election, do you fill the vacancy by the next highest voter that didn't get ellected?

The next person in line didn't have a majority of the vote, so that would make no sense.


What you do is look in your bylaws for vacancy filling provisions, and follow those.  If, for example, the board (if you have one) is given the power to fill mid-term vacancies, then that's who does it.  There's nothing to prevent them from appointing the next highest vote-getter, but nothing to encourage them either.


If your bylaws are silent, then you need to hold a new election for that office.

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