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Continued attacks by a Board Member

Guest Market Guy

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I have a situation that has gone on for about 2 years now. I am the Executive Director of an organization. The main instigator is now a board member and the attacks have continued. A brief bullet point of the issues follow, 


-Continued attacks against myself while not a board member, but while an organization member in a public meeting.

-Attacks against myself while a board member, on the record. Reference past digital meeting recordings.

-approaching my under-management of the organization in the post office stating my position is not needed, while a board member.

-approaching members in organization during operational hours stating my position is not needed

-referencing information in public board documents within my now invalid contract, that was discussed in executive session

-refusal to do her duty, per the bylaws, to monitor operational issues. Specifically as it pertains to my grievances I have concerning operational situations wihtin my organization then releasing documents that do not address them.

-Her daughter, whom she joined in attacks against me and shared a membership with herself, threatened legal action against this organization while in the employ the attorney that did so. CONFLICT OF INTEREST

-Attempt to concentrate power with herself over my office and that of my undermanagement, the former being done so by knowingly lying about the contents of the bylaws in order to deceive the board and hinder my ability to do my job.

-Continued attempts to violate and now rewrite sop’s, in order to have biased control over my yearly evaluation. Bias which has been shown to exist though out the past year and a half.


Any help or direction on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated. My board states I have their support, though they do not seem strong enough to enforce the Code of Conduct. This is becoming such an issue I fear the loss of my job and often feel I should just walk away due to undue stress and loss of sleep.



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