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Can you call for revote after meeting has ended because the chairperson made an error in procedure conducting the meeting?

Guest Cathy Pickett

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Guest Cathy Pickett

Our church met in special called meeting to vote on a new candidate for pastor.  The pastor was not approved by the 75% required in the by-laws.  A few days later the group who wanted the pastor has begun saying that we need to revote because the interim pastor did not follow Roberts Rules of Order correctly in conducting the meeting.  It was a special called meeting, announced according to requirements in bylaws, to vote for or against the pastor.  There was a question and answer session held earlier in the morning for people to ask any questions they had with the candidate.  The interim pastor simply called the meeting to order and they voted.  Now they are saying he didn't ask for discussion first so they should get to revote.  Is this true or should they have called for point of order at the time?

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