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Guest Paul Joy

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When a new board/commission is attending its last meeting  and will make decisions of appointments to other boards, is there a provision for the new incoming board/commission to either reconsider the vote or negate the vote?

Municipal appointments to Boards and Commissions. And there is no language or provision in the enabling Charter regarding this. Ergo, it defaults to Robert's Rules. But I can't find any statements regarding it.

A motion to Reconsider is most likely not in order. A motion appointing a member to a position may not be reconsidered if the member has been informed of the appointment, and the motion to Reconsider also has very strict time limits. There is no procedure to "negate" the vote unless there was a severe violation of the rules, sufficient enough to make the vote null and void.

Therefore, if the new board members disagree with the appointments, the appropriate course of action will be to remove the individuals from their positions. For individuals appointed to an officer position (and being a member of a board counts as an officer position so far as RONR is concerned), see FAQ #20 for information on removal.

For individuals appointed to other positions (such as a member of a committee), they may generally be removed by a motion to Rescind or to Amend Something Previously Adopted, which requires a 2/3 vote, a vote of a majority of the entire membership, or a majority vote with previous notice. If the position has a defined term of office, however, the rules are the same as for the removal of officers - see above.

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