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Postage stamps

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On topic thread robertsrules.forumflash.com/index.php?/topic/29577-initial-motion/ , , right now the OP is labelled "Posted 6 hours ago"; the second post (i.e., the first reply), Kim Goldsworthy's, is labelled "Posted 4 hours ago," and likewise the next, Guest Zev's, "4 hours ago"; but then the next, Hieu H Huynh's, says "Posted 1 [sic, "one"] minute ago," but the post after his, OP Travis's,  thanking him, is labelled "Posted 9 minutes ago".  (The next post, mine, is labelled "Posted just now.")  What in sam hill?


N. B. The thread title is a pun.  Ghaaah, I hate puns.

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