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board member vs advisor

Guest Will A

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5 hours ago, Guest Will A said:

Can or should a voting member of a board also be an advisor to the board?


In the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, the term "advisor" is used exactly once, in relation to the parliamentarian.

Q. What is "an advisor to the board"? -- Is this an elected position? An appointed position? An officer position? A committee of one?

Q. Is the position defined in your bylaws? -- Do you have "an advisor to the general membership"?

If the position is undefined in your bylaws, then I would think you are free to elect/appoint anyone to any undefined position.
"Grand Poo-Bah" comes to mind, if you are a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan, or The Flintstones. -- "Grand Nagus", if you are a Star Trek fan.

No parliamentary rule in Robert's Rules will stop you from electing a Grand Nagus to advise the board. Or, to advise anybody.

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