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Whos should chair a meeting to refer to the membership the removal of the chairman of the organization?


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The board called a special meeting of the board (requested by the appropriate number of board members) to approve a motion be sent to the membership for the removal of the chairman. Should the chairman then be allowed to preside over that meeting? This meeting has already occurred and I thought (as an observer, not a member or board member) it really peculiar. I understand the chairman cannot be forced not to vote (he did, and in favor of himself not to have it go to the members) but it seems wrong that he was allowed to chair the meeting. Am I wrong on this? Can citations be found for me, please? Thank you!

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JJ is correct. The provision to which I believe he is referring is in chapter XX on disciplinary procedures. The motion can be made by any member. I believe it is also mentioned in the FAQs on the main website.

Edited to add:  it's not a FAQ , but rather an official interpretation.    It's    No. 2006-2  http://www.robertsrules.com/interp_list.html#2006_2

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