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Can Mr. Chairman questions his board what's already been moved a approved at the meeting and it's on the minute?  The situation is this....our chairman was not at the meeting (he is absent).  The monthly meeting go on with the vice-chairman being active chairman.  When the next monthly meeting started, the secretary about to read the minute Mr. Chairman tell the board not to approved a particular section where he wanted to questions.  The board let him do so.  When ask why Mr. Chairman questions the board decisions, he said he only want clarification.  Can Mr. Chairman do that?  Questions the decisions of his board?


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He can't ask questions about a particular decision while the approval of the minutes is pending, or ask that a particular passage in them not be approved because he has a question about the decision itself.  The minutes reflect what was done and you can't rewrite history to change it .

In a small board (not more than about a dozen members present) he can discuss the matter and ask questions when nothing else is pending.  

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