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2 minutes ago, Guest Phyllis said:

As a member in a meeting, is it conceded a distraction to pass a paper to a fellow member? 

I suppose it COULD be, but it sounds pretty nit-picky to me.  It would likely depend on the circumstances.  Lots of things are perhaps technically distractions:  A cough or a sneeze, getting up to go to the bathroom, pulling RONR out of your briefcase to look up a rule.  I find it unlikely that the assembly would agree to the imposition of any kind of discipline or censure for something like that unless it is really egregious. I see notes passed meetings quite often and have never thought of it as a distraction worth making an issue over it... if it's a distraction at all.  Heck, parliamentarians frequently pass notes to the presiding officer.

Can you give us a bit more information as to why this is an issue?

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