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No parliamentary authority?

Dave Vien

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I just realized that our reference to Robert's Rules is only in terms of it being used for meetings. Here is the line in our Constitution:

"Robert's Rules of Order shall be used at all #### meetings where they are not inconsistent with the Constitution or the By-laws or any other special rules of order #### may adopt." (Section I, Item 9)

Is this improperly referenced? Does this mean that we have no true parliamentary authority? Does this mean that we cannot conduct any of our business according to RONR other than for meetings? Is there any consequence of not having this correctly referenced? Do we need to fix it to properly be registered with the state? Must an organization have a parliamentary authority in its Constitution?

If this is okay, how can I explain that we can still use all the other provisions of RONR, like Elections or Removal of Members, when some claim that RONR is just for our meetings because that is how it is written in our Constitution?

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