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As an aid to the chair, yes.  It is effecting helping him with a duty to see that the rules of debate are enforced.  The timekeeper could not stop person giving the report, but could inform the chair that the time has been exceeded.  The timekeeper, as a member, could raise a point of order to that effect.

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23 hours ago, Guest Karen said:

Some members insist on going over the allotted time for their reports, even when the chair rises, approaches the podium and gives the signal that time is elapsed. Is it proper for the President to designate a Timekeeper or two if no such position is listed in the bylaws? 

Yes, but...

with or without a timekeeper, what then occurs is:  The chair raps the gavel, and says "The time of the reporting member has expired; the member will be seated.  The next item of business is....

This would occur on the chair's initiative, or as a result of being told by a timekeeper that the time had expired.  But it's going to be the chair's job either way.

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