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Electing office bearers


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32 minutes ago, jay said:

In our not for profit organization constitution and bylaws it says board of trustees elect Executuve committee in a special meeting. Other than that there is  no any detailed procedure. I wonder is there any where in Roberts Rules how to  elect the Officers?

Thanks in advace



31 minutes ago, jay said:

Is there a procedure laid down in Robert Rules to elect the office bearers?

There is no procedure in RONR for your exact situation, but RONR does devote substantial coverage to nominations and elections in general. 

For some reason, your bylaws contain the rather unusual provision that the executive committee must be elected in a special meeting, but that is permissible even if unusual. It is up to your organization to determine exactly how this should be done.  Usually, at the special meeting for that purpose, nominations would be made by the board (perhaps based on who volunteers) and then the board will proceed to vote on them.  It does not have to be by secret ballot unless your bylaws require it or a motion is adopted to vote by ballot.  Per RONR, officers are usually nominated and voted on in the order they are listed in the bylaws.  All positions can be voted on at once or it can be done one office at a time.  There is normally no nominating committee in situations like this, but one is certainly permissible.  It's up to your board to decide the details of the officer election.

Nominations and elections are a rather large topic and are covered on pages 430-447 of RONR.

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