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Guest Bruce

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9 minutes ago, Guest Bruce said:

my union took a vote to approve a new contract. Now members want to re vote claiming they misunderstood. Is that legitimated?


However, at the next meeting they may be able to move to rescind the contract, if it was approved, or move to approve it again, if it was rejected. You didn't say what the result of the first vote was.


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Most likely no, unless some major parliamentary rule was violated. We need more information in order to give a better answer.  But, if what was voted on failed, it can be renewed (introduced again) at a future session. If it was adopted, depending on what it was, it likely can be rescinded or modified by use if the motion to rescind or amend something previously adopted. That motion is subject to special notice and vote requirements.

Note: rescinding or amending a motion that approved a contract could present non-parliamentary legal issues that are outside the scope of this forum.

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