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  1. A candidate for one of our offices has withdrawn her name from the election. Our ballots have already been distributed. The election is in 4 days and she will probably win. What is the proper way to handle this? The voting takes place immediately preceding the general meeting and the results are announced at the end of that meeting. Does she decline at the meeting after the announced winners or does the president announce at the meeting that she has withdrawn, so her votes do not count? We are a small social organization,  but our bylaws do follow Roberts Rules when issues not specifically addressed.
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The president should not announce that she "declined" for two reasons.  1)  The votes for her are, and remain, valid no matter whether she has declined or not or whether the president has said anything about it.  2)  When the votes are announced, she may change her mind and accept the office after all.  Perfectly proper.

If, as you say is likely, she declines to accept the office while at the meeting when the election results are announced, then (RONR, p.444) you have an "incomplete election", and you should immediately, or at the next meeting, go through the election process again for that office.  You can take (new) floor nominations as a part of the process.  The previous candidates remain on the new ballot.

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