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when a second not needed

Guest paul

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Situation: Member submits motion in writing to all members plus secretary. When time to deal with on agenda comes Chair says member your up. Member requests motion me entered as written and supplied to secretary. Chair says you must state it. Member states motion. Chair then says you must have a seconder. 

Question: is a seconder needed after motion made? And when is the motion the property of all the members? 

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Generally, yes, a second is necessary and appropriate. (There are exceptions.) 

All member property?:  After the motion has been stated, BY THE CHAIR, it then becomes the "property" of the assembly to do with it what it will.

Your char seems to have reversed things somewhat.

The proper sequence is (after recognition): member makes motion, someone seconds it (no recognition needed), chair states it, then debate and possible amendment goes on.  Eventual vote.  Lots more details about the steps start on page 32 of RONR.

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Even when a motion has been submitted in writing, any member may demand that the motion be read aloud. The chair was probably within his rights to require that the motion be read aloud if that is what happened. And he was correct to ask if there is a second if one was not made quickly, although  asking for one is not required.

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