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Informal Communication Question

Guest Chad

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Hello, I have a basic question I can't seem to find the answer on Google or in Robert's Rules of Order, specifically anyway (I could easily have missed it).

My question is, is it allowed to discuss matters outside of a general meeting before the meeting? I know nothing would be official. For example, if there is an organization governing body where all members were in a Facebook chat, could they discuss opinions on upcoming agenda items before that meeting? In the meeting there would be a debate and vote, and official call to order and motions. The Facebook chat would simply have opinions on the upcoming items.

Thank you

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12 hours ago, Richard Brown said:

As far as RONR is concerned, if it is outside of a meeting, you can discuss organization affairs until your heart's content. :)

Agreeing with Richard, I just want to caution that the operative words are "As far as RONR is concerned." But if it is a governmental body we are talking about, then state open meetings laws may prohibit, or at least severely limit, any such outside communication.

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