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Officer resigning and wanting to take Committe name with them.

Guest Carla Stevens

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Guest Carla Stevens

Our newly formed Organization has a sworn in officer wanting to resign already. She has decided she no longer would like to proceed in the direction our organization is going and decided to resign and take with her our Organization's name and Facebook page representing us because she came up with the name and she is the one initially, who set up our facebook page. The issue now is our organization has grown tremendously in the past three months, we are also backed and supported under a Non profit organization, we have people coming to our meetings and site. We are in the middle of building a website and are getting known in our state by our name. Can this officer do this to us? What are our laws in favor of us keeping our name and social networking site, and she as an individual can move forward on her own without removing everything we built? By the way, she voted on and helped approve all we have built, so how can she request such a thing when she is choosing to leave the organization on her own accord? Help! Thanks!

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