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Recording minutes

Guest Terry Melton

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That's up to the secretary.  Until they are approved by the assembly, they aren't minutes - they are the secretary's notes, and will only become minutes upon being approved.  The secretary can do whatever he'd like to write them, including consulting with others to make sure he's got it right, but he isn't obligated to do it.  What he is obligated to do is come to the next meeting with draft minutes to present.  The assembly will ultimately make sure they are correct in the approval process.

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2 hours ago, Guest Terry Melton said:

Should the secretary send minutes to the president to be corrected before group has a chance to read or see them at the next meeting?

That is entirely the secretary's decision.  The president  has no authority to order it, and the secretary is under no obligation to accept any changes suggested by the president or anyone else.  Some secretaries do prefer to hear comments on the draft minutes before the next meeting, some do not.

But the only corrections the secretary is obligated to make are those approved by the assembly at a meeting.

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