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Vice President out of order

MikeVicki Jarvis

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I am the President of a small organization. The fundraising arm for a Florida State Park.  Our organization is also the Concessionaire of the store at the State Park.  Our Vice President has taken it upon himself to have meetings (without anyone's knowledge or other board members knowledge) with our store employees and other board members present at times.  These meetings have not been published or talked about.  The VP has also gone and made changes to the procedure of the store without first contacting the "Store Committee".  He is trying to convince the Park Manager that the President doesn't have leadership skills and isn't available to talk to the board members.  That he doesn't involve the board members in the daily operations of the store.  The store committee which is made up of the President, the treasure and an additional board member talk via phone, in person and email on a daily, and weekly basis.  There are 2 or 3 board members that the VP has convinced that this is not the correct way to do business.  The Concession is a separate entity from the BOD.  The BOD doesn't want to know the daily operations of the store. They do want to know if there are issues or problems and if the store is making or losing money.  In the first year of operations, this store has made money.  The VP is threatening the President and trying to call him out in front of the BOD.  Do you have any suggestion?  The VP is going behind the backs of the other officers and board members to make decisions on behalf of the concession and the BOD.  Help is needed on this and quickly

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