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Rogue Executives

Guest Toby

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We are a not for profit society and have been having troubles with our executives. After voting the 3 executives in along with our 5 directors we found out the meeting minutes they submitted to the registrars office showed they excluded some of the directors and added in a few others. They also wrote in the meeting minutes that they were not directors but just volunteers (which is crazy)

After more investigating we learnt of several other society act violations and proposed a meeting but that got swept under the carpet.


So we made a special resolution request submitted to our executives with 17 signatures and agenda. The 3 executives agreed to the meeting and sent notifications to our members which included the agenda and 2 special resolution items. The most important special resolution item of concern was the removal,discipline of the 3 executives. 

When we showed up for the meeting the executives said they "summerized" the agenda and passed out their own agenda. They took off a few applications/grant/financial document requests and also the special resolution items and replaced them with a call of motions, if any.

As soon as the motion item came up on the agenda during the meeting one of the club members (close friend of the executives) instantly called for a motion to vote a non confidence (which does not remove the executives).

What are the rules regarding changes to the agenda ?

Any help on this would be appreciated as we feel our next step is legal proceedings

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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

Why are you letting these "executives" approve and run a meeting of the society's members? There should be a single presiding officer running the meeting and that person does not have power to dictate an agenda or anything else. The members have the power to replace that officer for the duration of the meeting, too,  if he or she is running roughshod.

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