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No AGM notes were taken


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30 minutes ago, tdmooch said:

No one took notes of our previous AGM and our next AGM is coming up shortly.  How do we handle this when there are no notes to approve. 

A few of you who were there get together and come up with the best draft that you can of what transpired at that meeting and ask that it be approved as the minutes of the meeting.   Submit it in the form of minutes just as the secretary normally would. 

There is no  requirement that only the Secretary's version can be used, but it would perhaps be nice if the secretary could be in the group.  Keep in mind that minutes should be a record of what was done, not what was said.  Do not attempt to summarize discussion.  A record of what motions were adopted and who  was elected to what office are the main things you need to try to include.  It will be subject to correction just as the secretary's proposed minutes would be and can also be corrected in the future by means of the motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted.

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Have the Board, or other people with good memories, attempt to reconstruct the minutes of the previous AGM and present them for approval at the upcoming meeting.

Remember:  minutes need only contain what was done (i.e., motions adopted, defeated, &c) not what was said (i.e., speeches and other remarks).  See page 68 for more details.


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